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As we continue to become more reliant on the ever-changing world of technology, our risk of falling victim to some form of cybercrime is getting higher by the day.

Each year, Australian businesses fall pray to malicious cyber attacks, with as many as 11,733 cases being reported to the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) in 2015 alone. A large portion of these resulted in financial losses and caused irreparable damage to software, which directly impacts businesses ability to function like normal.

However, businesses aren’t the only ones suffering at the hands of cyber threats; individuals are also impacted. In fact, more people experience personal computer and mobile intrusions at home than they do at work. Then, there’s also the issue of cyberstalking and cyber bullying, with one in five children between the ages of eight and 15 being bullied online.


Network intrusions involve any cyber attacks, cyber espionage or cyber crime that’s targeted at businesses and corporations. The Australian Government defines these sorts of attacks as a ‘deliberate act through cyberspace to manipulate, disrupt, deny, degrade or destroy computers or networks, or the information resident on them.’

When a network is hacked by cybercriminals, regular operations are disrupted, your computers and network can become compromised, and in many cases, the hacker can take control of the network and demand payment for them to restore it to normal. During this time, your network becomes vulnerable to harmful viruses and any sensitive information stored within your network becomes exposed.

If this has happened to your business, In Depth Investigations’ team of experienced and qualified private investigators can help you find the source of the issue and if possible, track down the responsible party.


There are a number of scams floating around and viruses that are distributed through emails and when downloading content from online sources, which can compromise the security of your personal computer and mobile devices.

While careful browsing habits and diligence when clicking on links or giving anyone access to your personal devices helps to reduce the risk, even the most switched on individual is exposed to the threat of cyber intrusions on a daily basis.

If any of the above has happened to you, talk to In Depth Investigations about how we can help.


Online stalking can come in a number of shapes and forms, including online monitoring, threats, identity theft, data destruction or manipulation, as well as the exploitation of minors, be it sexual or otherwise.

This form of online harassment is often obsessive and even illegal and can take place via email, instant messages, phone calls and other devices/apps like Instagram and Facebook.

Victims of cyberstalking often find it difficult to go about their normal lives and with many mobile devices and apps now broadcasting people’s geographical locations, the barrier between online stalker and traditional stalker is easier to break down.

If you’re worried for your safety or the safety of someone you love, talk to In Depth Investigations today!


Cyber bullying is similar to cyberstalking, in the sense it involves someone engaging in menacing or harassing behaviour through technology.

Victims of cyber bullying often receive hurtful messages, images and videos online, as well as abusive texts and emails. There are also an alarming number of cases where websites are built with the sole intention of mocking or intimidating people.

Cyber bullying is a major issue in Australia, as it affects a person’s self-confidence, their ability to go about their life as normal and can cause depression, self harm and even suicide. More than 50 per cent of school-aged children in Australia have been bullied online, with 27 per cent of them being the victim of regular online bullying.

While not all forms of online bullying are considered illegal, intervention, and in extreme cases, legal action can be necessary. The team at In Depth Investigations understands the sensitive nature of cases like these, and will approach each individual case accordingly.

Sadly, cybercrime in Australia is worsening as technology gets more advanced. This is why we endeavour to keep up-to-date with all of the latest technology and cyber threats, so we can help protect our clients.

If any form of cybercrime has affected you, contact In Depth Investigations to see how we can help today!
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