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Our skilled fraud detectives have had a vast range of exposure to investigating corporate fraud at all levels, and have successfully identified commercial and corporate sabotage right across Australia.

We have worked in accordance with global companies, government agencies, legal representatives and internal management to quickly and efficiently conduct fraud detection investigations.


In Depth Investigations also provide education in identifying and combating workplace fraud. We conduct staff presentations, training and interviews to help identify and combat corporate fraud, and are able to inform businesses and individuals of the most effectives ways to protect their assets against future fraudulent activity.


In today’s economic climate, corporate and business fraud is ripe on all levels, and though it often goes undetected, it can be catastrophically damaging to both individuals and corporations.

In Depth Investigations have the acquired skill sets to efficiently investigate and uncover corporate and business fraud, using our qualifications in private investigation and surveillance. Our general fraud investigation services are recognised across the country, with our industry experience and networking enabling us to thoroughly investigate fraud throughout WA, and across all other States and Territories of Australia.

It is important to remember that there are lawful and illegal ways to undergo business or workplace fraud investigation, so it’s always best to seek professional help. Our specialist fraud detectives are professionally trained in different areas of business fraud investigation, allowing them to act fast and effectively on any case of suspected fraud.

For the intents and purposes of our investigations, we recognise a legal definition of fraud from the Commonwealth of Australia’s Office of Strategic Crime Assessment:

“inducing a course of action by deceit or other dishonest conduct, involving acts or omissions or the making of false statements, orally or in writing, with the object of obtaining money or other benefit from, or of evading a liability to the employer / corporation / enterprise / individual/government.”

As such, business fraud can come in many forms, from corporate sabotage and insurance fraud, to staff fraud and dishonest practicing. Almost all of this fraudulent activity is generally recognised as illegal, and therefor should be professionally investigated and subsequently rectified.


Insurance is designed to protect us against risk, not as to a tool to enrich the ensured. When individuals or corporations commit acts with the intent to obtain a fraudulent, or unwarranted outcome from an insurance process, that’s classified as insurance fraud. Alternatively, insurance fraud can also be when insurers deliberately and knowingly deny a benefit that is due to the ensured.

In Depth Investigations conduct insurance fraud investigations on behalf of individuals and insurance companies, as well as government organisations, corporate entities, law enforcement agencies and legal representatives – Our fraud investigators will uncover those exploiting the traditional concept of insurance.

Some examples of when our quality assured insurance fraud investigation services may come in handy are:

Workers Compensation – where workers may be claiming unwarranted compensation insurance, or alternatively, companies aren’t providing an insurance benefit that is due

Public Liability – investigating if public liability insurance is appropriate or not for individual or corporate claims

Theft or Home Burglary – assessing the accuracy of insurance outcomes in burglary or theft situations

Motor Vehicle Crash – insurance fraud can be in regards to liability, fault, vehicle damage or personal injury in motor vehicle crash assessment

Or any other situation where our investigations in to insurance claims can effectively be used to ensure their validity, and help make sure all parties involved are adhering to the facts, and subsequently the law.

Our experienced team of qualified insurance fraud investigators are dedicated to providing an unrivalled degree of honesty and integrity across all our investigations and have successfully uncovered insurance fraud across Western Australia, nationwide and internationally.

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