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Our Missing Persons Detectives at In Depth Investigations are proven professionals in locating missing persons across Australia, and internationally. We can commence our investigations with as little as a first name, and have successfully catered for requests including missing heirs, missing groups/organisations, lost relatives, lost children, old friends and people who are generally difficult to find.


All of our missing persons investigations are managed proficiently by one of our highly trained in-house tracing investigators, who pride them selves on providing the optimal level of honesty, integrity and confidentiality that has become synonymous with our company name, across all our private investigator services.


Did you know, of the 35,000 Australian people reported missing each year, 99.5 percent are located? Missing persons tracing is an investigative science, and the missing persons operatives at In Depth Investigations are trained specifically in this department to help appease the suffering of those affected.





Our missing persons team consists of criminal investigation trained detectives, who use their experience, knowledge and industry connections to full advantage when it comes to locating missing family members. Whether you’re searching for a distant relative or lost children, we approach each case with unrelenting determination to resolve the situation, with upmost regard to family sensitivity.


Australia has many international agreements put in place to help families relocate missing persons abroad, and our team of trace investigators have the knowhow to use these connections in continuing our searches beyond the borders of Australia if need be.





There are avenues in place to help you locate missing persons, including Federal Government initiatives to help locate lost children, family members or loved ones such as – http://www.missingpersons.gov.au.


As a licensed private detective agency, In Depth Investigations can work in collaboration with government or law enforcement agencies for a complete approach to all types of missing persons enquiries.

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